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YouTube Captures

Time moves forward and some shooters are now posting only stuff on YouTube without even a thought of trading and anything that goes along with lines. Trading these shows available openly on YouTube is stupid, but at the same time I thought some shows should still be downloaded in a best possible quality and saved as archive to get a fast access and more importantly to prevent the risk of a channel being banned or taken down by an owner. On this page I will try to list shows I saved over past years and continue to save on constant basis. 

These shows are not available for trade but I will gladly share them with anyone who set up a trade with me. For free. Do not trade YouTube videos please, it's stupid and not cool.

Videos are being saved through CLI tools with the best possible quality (original files from server).


Decapitated » 2017.07.09 - Hollywood, CA, United States (sexthrash69)