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Devin Townsend
24 October 2015
UNSW Roundhouse
Sydney, Australia

#01 - Intro
#02 - Rejoice
#03 - Night
#04 - Namaste
#05 - Storm
#06 - Deadhead
#07 - Devin, Bananas and Technical Difficulties
#08 - Supercrush!
#09 - March of the Poozers
#10 - A New Reign
#11 - Devin tests his metal gig cliches
#12 - Ziltoid Goes Home
#13 - Devin discusses setlists
#14 - Bastard
#15 - Devin ponders metal, love and getting old
#16 - Grace
#17 - Kingdom
#18 - Devin tests his encore cliche
#19 - The Death of Music
#20 - Christeen

notes from taper:
This is a gig to definitely remember and my first time seeing Devin live. His material never really grabbed me in the past, particularly his Strapping Young Lad stuff. Even his DTP work I appreciate in reasonable doses. Nevertheless, there’s something captivating about some of his tunes and so I figured it was about time I gave this guy a chance.
Well, needless to say, I’m kicking myself for not checking this guy out earlier. What an entertainer! The guy was truly on the money, with his wit, crowd engagement, overall metal attitude and no ego, this was definitely a highly entertaining show. The band was flawless, the song selections were a good mix overall and the crowd certainly had no complaints, unlike last week’s Mega(bore)deth gig. ;)
Technically, the sound guy actually loved what he was doing. In fact, he loved it so much that he was his own toughest critic. All night, the poor guy was riding the EQs and compressors more than I’ve ever seen any sound guy do and it was all to achieve a killer sound. Everyone was in a pretty damn sweet balance in general, with some fluctuations which were minor and forgivable. Even after patting the guy on the back after the gig, he himself admitted it was a frustratingly rough mix but took consolation in my kudos to him.
We need more sound guys like him! If anyone reading this has any pull with any other bands, find out who he is and get him on board, or at least clone the guy! The end result of this recording is fantastic and that’s why I’m giving it an A, short of the A+ that’s reserved for acts like Roger Waters.

1 CD
Core Sounds Cardioids (pointed towards stage to minimise crowd noise) -> Sony PCM-M10 (mic-in, 48kHz 24 bit) -> Soundforge 11.0 w/Izotope Ozone 6 Mastering Plugin -> FLAC Level 8
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