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3 February 2017
Royal Arena
Copenhagen, Denmark

01. Preshow intro (AC/DC - It's A Long Way to The Top)
02. The Ecstasy of Gold
03. Hardwired
04. Atlas, Rise!
05. For Whom The Bell Tolls
06. Fuel
07. Kirk's Guitar Doodle
08. The Unforgiven
09. Now That We're Dead
10. Moth Into Flame
11. Harvester of Sorrow
12. Confusion
13. Rob's Bass Doodle
14. One
15. Master of Puppets
16. Fade to Black
17. Seek & Destroy
18. Battery
19. Nothing Else Matters
20. Enter Sandman

First of 4 nights in Copenhagen. James' throat was not in good shape, as you'll hear on the recording, causing the second show to be postponded until september 2nd.
James and Lars spoke a few minutes, before James came to the mic asking if the should continue or stop the show.
Oh, and I have never in my life seen Lars hit the drums as hard as he did tonight. He clearly had some energy that had to come out!

1 CD
Sony PCM-M10 > CA-14 Cardiod
WAV(M) > SOUND FORGE PRO 11 (volume adjustment, fade in/out, tracking) > WAV > TLH > FLAC (level 8)
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