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Strapping Young Lad
22 October 1998
Akasaka Blitz
Tokyo, Japan

01) Taped Intro
02) Velvet Kevorkian
03) All Hail The New Flesh
04) Home Nucleonics
05) Oh My Fucking God
06) SYL
07) In The Rainy Season
08) Far Beyond Metal
09) Underneath The Waves
10) Detox

This is his band's first apprearance in Japan supporting the Wildhearts at a venue called Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo. I was a bit upset when they started playing ahead of schedule(you hear it in taped intro), which I guess was because they just wanted to play longer(it's normal that supporting acts must finish on time). Ginger of Wildhearts played guitar on track 2 and 3(Davin played Suckerpunch with Wildhearts as well). Ѓ@You may get a sense of distance from this source(I was a little far from the stage to stay away from crowd surfers), but overall good in quality and quite listenable recording, I believe.

1 CD
DAT master(@48KHz) > UA-3FX > Sound It 3.0(aiff, down conversion to 44.1KHz, track deviding) > xACT (SBE fix, flac compression level 8) > fla
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